School Tyranny School Tyranny

School Tyranny

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I will produce videos daily now on my way to the Blaine House.

This was produced in front of the main building at the Togus VA hospital in Augusta, not far from Maine's State House.  I took thirty minutes away from working to save a man's life, while consoling and supporting his wife.  The medical "professionals" attempted murder with their blind adherence to covid protocols.  The three of us were able to get him the help he needs without triggering the delivery of questionable and unproven procedures.  As I write this he remains jailed in his hospital room, separated from loved ones, including his wife.

I speak briefly with Roger Ek and Kayla, two Mainers battling the covid cult's death grip on education.

You'll want to plough through the technical anomalies in this thirty minute conversation.  There are important testimonies here.