Gun Wrongs and Rights

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 -- COLUMN 210

A detective will perform a security assessment at the church.  Following his assessment, the detective will conduct a presentation covering his recommendations. --  A recent email from a local church

Whenever important rich people go somewhere they are surrounded by gun toting men.  Whenever I go somewhere I have to think about what other people will think about me being armed.  And talk about a confusing mess of cognitive dissonance. 

When I lived in Maine I took the class and acquired my concealed carry permit.  The only evidence I saw of it's "usefulness" occured when I was driving a pro life truth truck in Virginia Beach.  I was driving at the speed of traffic in front of a Mitt Romney presidential rally.  A cop pulled me over.  He got my drivers license, went to his squad car, and returned after five or ten minutes.  His first question on his return was whether I had a gun in the cab of the truck.  The question shocked me.  Why would he ask such a question, I thought.  Later it occured to me that I was in a database that was available to law enforcement all over America, maybe the world.  My name got onto that database when I acquired the concealed carry permit in Maine.  I felt violated.  The cop gave me a speeding ticket for going too slow.  Double whammy of violation.  Don't think for a minute that law enforcement isn't a harassment brigade in the employ of the oligarchs.

I wasn't carrying a gun in Virginia.  I don't take the time to research the gun rules for each state when travelling.  That's one of the sources of cognitive dissonance for me when it comes to gun ownership.  But Governor I-love-sodomy-based-marriage Romney, not more than 100 yards from me, was surrounded by men with guns.  All the rules in the West are written for regular Joes like me.  Romney's buds live by a different set of rules ... a set that assures they remain in power at the expense of the rest of U.S.

Cognitive dissonance.  Welcome to the new millenium in communist Amerika.

When I was a teenager my father gave me a 22 rifle.  I would walk up a road to a gravel pit near our home and shoot cans.  Occasionally I couldn't resist shooting at birds and squirrels.  I was young.  Dad wasn't a hunter so I never went beyond the can kicking stage with firearms under my father's tutelage.  As an adult guns drifted out of my real world and into the world of television, movie dramas and novels.  A variety of stimuli generated an interest in firearms as my sons matured.  My personal interest didn't run in the direction of hunting.  I became more interested in the idea of guns as a force equalizer.

Consideration of the ideas that informed the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution -- specifically the mention of militias -- further heightened my interest.  My sons gave me a Glock as a gift one year, then a shotgun.  Two of my sons are U.S. Marines.  So began my recent experience with gun ownership.

I'm now in North Carolina.  Maine has eliminated it's concealed carry permitting, as far as I know.  North Carolina still maintains the registry.  My experience in Virginia makes me gun shy about government gun registries.  So yesterday I went to the Mayberry Gun shop around the corner from our office here in Mt. Airy.  I tried on a holster for open carrying my pistol.  I almost bought the holster, but decided I'd think on it.

I asked the clerk about concealed carry permitting in North Carolina.  He immediately presented me with a flyer for a local trainer.  The clerk wasn't sure whether I'd have to do another class to obtain the permit here.  I learned a little bit in the class I took in Maine.  Ninety percent of the training is common sense.  It was mostly a government enforced excuse for the training guy to make money.

What I want is to be encouraged by my culture to open carry my pistol.  I want my pastor to encourage me to show up to church, gun visible at my waist, knowing that everyone is safer because a responsible man and father is prepared and equipped.  But that's not the way we're brainwashed to think about guns in America anymore.  It used to be that way not so long ago.  But no longer.

Only the criminals are allowed to live without cognitive dissonance.  Criminals by definition don't care about law and culture.  Good men are not allowed to love their neighbor's dignity enough to be willing to kill or be killed for them.  We're conditioned to demand that the government do everything for us.  The email I quoted above triggered me yesterday.  We've got to have "security assessments" performed by government authorized officials.  How much will the taxpayers pay to have this guy go to all the local churches in Mt. Airy to tell them what a couple of the men in the church could figure out in one meeting.

How about this.  A series of sermons on the responsibility men and fathers have to protect innocence.  They aren't charged by God to protect innocence inside their home and the church only.  The men of a Christian civilization will answer to God for how they discharged their responsibility to nurture and protect innocence wherever they weilded influence, or managed power.  This is a very serious problem in America.

Men shouldn't feel they have to pick up gum wrappers while carrying scary looking Hollywood-style guns on the streets of Richmond, Virginia to make a political point.  Literally everything is politicized and put through the optics grid.  It's like we're living in a movie scripted by "progressives."  I'm sick to death of it.

Everywhere I look I want to see the good men who want to carry a gun doing so meaningfully and proudly.  Can you imagine how much money we would save on law enforcement and bureaucracy if we made this one simple change in our thinking?


Gun Wrongs and Rights

Gun Wrongs and Rights

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