Virginia is Fallen

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 -- COLUMN 209

Northam is a member of the congregation -- USA Today, February 3, 2019

Ralph Northam is Governor of Virginia.  He grew up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  The white son of a judge is a member of the mostly black First Baptist Church of Capeville, Virginia.  I don't care that Northam is a white guy who is a member of a black church.  I don't care about his skin color.  I'm not a racist.  Northam's political party is full of white skinned people who feel so guilty about it that they want to use the power of the United States government to force the rest of the world to buy into their identity politics.  Northam is a prominent national leader of the demoncrap party.

He earned this status by doubling down on baby murder and guns.  He thinks there should be open season on babies after they are born.  The only thing protecting the babies would be ... well ... nothing would protect them.  Any mother working in harmony with a doctor could choose to kill their born baby in Northam's Leftist utopia.

A few weeks ago tens of thousands of American citizens flocked to Richmond.  Carrying guns they cleaned the streets of gum wrappers and made themselves feel good for being polite.  Northam and his demoncrap/republiscum cronies ignored them and hid out in the State House scheming how to fast track the gun grab.  The gun rally appears to have had no political effect whatsoever.  The Leftist frontal attack on gun rights in Virginia is moving ahead unhindered by the "civil discourse" of the naive among us.

While Northam's Left wing of American politics digs in on their "hate" narrative against Christians the Republican's remain trapped in the tired sensibilities of baby boomers.  The political price for this naivete could be the nation.  The Roman Catholic Church in America is being weaponized by the heirarchy to force this "civil discourse" obfuscation in order to silence Christians who are in the fight for truth, justice and the American way.  The Protestant world's leadership is goose stepping with the Pope.

Bernie's rabid Leftism isn't going to be defeated with civil discourse.  Trump has proven that.  The currency of politics in the West now is full blown honesty.  Trump has unleashed all the rhetorical weapons of the English language.  He has made it safe to be ironic, sarcastic and funny again.  We can stop laughing at the sick comedy of late night media personalities.  It's gotten to the point where their humor doesn't work without a laugh track.  If you think about it that's probably been the case all along.  Our fetish with network television comedies and their laugh tracks is probably what perverted and diminished the quality of our humor over the past bunch of decades.  It's going to take awhile to recover a decent sense of humor -- but not as long as you think.

The reality television personality, Donald Trump, is leading the way.  Northam is a bit player compared to Trump, of course.  Northam's politics are tired, boring and failing.  But we must finish what Trump has started and push Northam and his cronies off the edge of the cliff into the stinking political, cultural, religious and ideological abyss from which they oozed and crawled.  I'm going to join with a small group of activists to do just that on the weekend of February 21st.

On Saturday the 21st we'll be taking truth to the streets in front of baby murder mills in Virginia Beach.  On Sunday morning we'll appear in front of the First Baptist Church of Capeville to invite the congregation to do the right thing.  Christians don't murder babies and ignore constitutional principles and rights.  Northam is not a Christian.  He is not qualified to be a member of a Christian Church.  We will appeal to the congregation in person holding signs on the road in front of the Church.

Coach Dave Daubenmire will be leading the offensive against the gates of hell.  I will be there in support.  The devil goes to Church.  And at the First Baptist Church of Capeville his name is Ralph Northam.

For more details about the upcoming Virginia Salt and Light Brigade Offensive go to this link.



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Virginia is Fallen

Virginia is Fallen

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